Wednesday 22 July 2020

New beginnings: Spread your wings mixed media canvas

Good morning, fellow crafters
Only when I started creating today's post did I realise how long ago I posted. Will need to catch up by sharing some recent projects.
Today I am sharing instructions for an easy mixed media canvas.

It is an easy project, firstly, because it is a smaller canvas and therefore not as intimidating as a large blank canvas staring back at you.

If you have not tried your hand at mixed media, I encourage you to do give it a try. Remember, crafting and creating is not about creating something that is "perfect" - it is all about the creative process, relaxing and letting go.

  • For this project you will need:
  • ·        Fabscraps 20x20cm square artist canvas
  • ·        Fabscraps silver charms corset
  • ·        Fabscraps silver charms rose
  • ·        Fabscraps C123 New beginnings
  • ·        C123-005 or C123-006 paper sheet for cutting out a cluster of roses
  • ·        Paper flowers in dusty pink and purple
  • ·        Glass pebble
  • ·        SnipArt chipboard butterfly
  • ·        Stencils
  • ·        Texture paste
  • ·        All purpose inks in ash rose and orchid odyssey
  • ·        Glitter and mixed media mica flakes
  • ·        Mixed media embossing powder lilac
  • ·        Embossing ink pad or dauber
  • ·        Opal magic rose gold paint
  • ·        Copper metallic craft paint
  • ·        Dark purple acrylic ink
  • ·        Heat tool
  • ·        Pipette
  • ·        Glue
  • ·        Die-cut leaves/twigs in metallic rose gold cardstock
  • ·        White gesso
  • ·        Spritzer bottle with water
  • ·        White skeleton leaf
Paint the canvas with white gesso and allow to dry.
Cut out a flower cluster from the C123-005 of C123-006 paper sheet
Apply texture paste through stencils in areas shown on the picture. Allow to dry.
With pipette, apply drops only a few of all-purpose inks.
Spritz with water to allow ink to flow in between stencilled areas. Allow to dry. You may use a heat tool to speed up the process.
Apply embossing ink to chipboard butterfly.
Sprinkle with embossing powder and melt with heat tool. 
Apply a thin layer of metallic copper craft ink to the corset charm. Allow to dry.
Paint rose charm with dark purple acrylic paint. When dry, dab opal magic rose gold paint to the edges of some of the petals of the rose. Allow to dry.
Apply a thin layer of opal magic to the glass pebble.
Adhere cut-out rose cluster and all embellishments to the canvas
Apply glitter and mixed media mica flakes in some of the areas on the canvas.

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happy crafting, until next time.
Marie Smith