Tuesday 30 April 2019

Pot full of pansies

I love using flowers on my cards, because they represent a bunch of flowers for love or friendship and my thoughts sent to the recipient.
Pansies are perfect to convey the message that you are thinking about a person. Their mame is derived from the French word meaning ‘thought’.
To make the pot, cut sturdy cardstock to 12x23cm. Working on the length, score at 9 cm and 18cm.
Fold over at the 9cm score. Die-cut a pretty border at the other end. One of the dies in the Die’Sire decorative edges set 2 was used for this card.
On the 9cm fold, mark 2cm from each end left and right. Align this mark with the fold at 18cm so that you cut away a wedge on each side to form the pot.
Glue or tape on inside of the two slanted sides to close the pot.

For the pull-out card for your message, layer a white or cream cardstock rectangle of 8,5x9,5cm onto darker cardstock of 9x12,5cm.
Arrange and glue down flowers onto the pot and onto the pull-put card, making sure you will be able to pull out the card.

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Marie Smith